Twistappel, a response to disharmony
Concept & choreography
Tess Lucassen

Galina Andreeva, Lea Burkart, Tess Lucassen, Victoria Schon

Rosalie Bourgeois de Boynes, Nathalie Hof

Nathalie Hof, Rosalie Bourgeois de Boynes

My answer to When did love begin:
Possibly when nature had no man
And then peace was first to love
It loved harmony and in return
Harmony loved peace
Until man traipsed in
And glimpsed his pale reflection
In the deep blue waters
Then peace found conflict
And harmony found discord
Love was lost to the lust of man
- Christopher Low
How do we communicate? What means "harmony"? "Twistappel", which is the Dutch for "the apple of discord", is a dance project initiated by Tess Lucassen as a response to disharmony. Four women dance in a transitory space to create, step by step, a common language. Sometimes isolated, sometimes in harmony, sometimes welded or confronting each other, their choreography leads them to a pure energetic dance where they explore the possibilities of their body. The harmony is made of latency periods and moments of communion. The apple of discord which separates them becomes an inherent part of the game and gives birth to the visceral need to find a way to communicate.

Twistappel, © 2016, all rights reserved. Publication of stills are allowed upon agreement with the videographers only. Videographers are available anytime to answer your requests, please do not hesitate to contact them. The choreographer, the dancers and the videographers are available worldwide.

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