RA+RE is a fashion brand and record label that aims to satisfy the need of girls that are passionated about electronic music, the need to have a brand that understand them by proposing adapted collections to their lifestyle.
This film was shot in Berlin and created to illustrate RA+RE's position at the crossroad of fashion and electronic music.
In this movie all the artists signed on the record label and/or resident DJs are wearing RA+RE garments,
Julie Marghilano is wearing the RA+RE Julie vest,
Eveline Fink is wearing the RA+RE Eveline top,
Ethel is wearing the RA+RE Ethel jumper,
Melody is wearing the RA+RE Melody pants and the Margaret bodysuit,
Rohmi is wearing the RA+RE Ioana vest,
And Abi is wearing the RA+RE Yasmin coat and the Richard beanie.
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Music by Julie Marghilano & Vocals by Aimee, coming soon on RA+RE Records
Video and Editing by Rosalie de Boynes
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