Rosalie Bourgeois de Boynes, born in 1991, France.
In order to produce works of art that are committed and ethical, Rosalie de Boynes is led to claim that
 nuances should not be associated to moderation; on the contrary, they help to understand the creative benefits of a refined immoderation. Obsessed by the idea of pure creation crossing genre boundaries, she nourishes an artistic practice embracing performance and visual arts. As she is willing to discover the structures of consciousness, she studied philosophy at La Sorbonne and got her bachelor's degree in 2012. So as to participate in changing mental perspectives on what a category is, and how symbolically violent it is to think in black and white, her research encompasses the notions of gender identity, movement, and reality, leading her work to draw a tension between ephemeral perceptions and permanent memories.

Digital photography
Berlin, 2015

             Her blood is without scabs, yet it glued her eyelashes.
             Better be blind than sorry.
             Living in splashes is her lot, as it has also been Oedipus's.
             Spurting, spreading, squirting, from visionary tragedies,
             Her blood calmly flows down her cheeks:
             Knowledge fears no realities.
             Blindness is no muteness, and so she speaks.

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